Sunday, June 9, 2013


So we thought we might have a quiet week but no, of course not.  We began by checking out some tsunami-damage sites once again.  The mission area doctor and psychologist and their wives are making their rounds here in the Sendai mission in a couple of weeks and we were asked to take them around to see some of the tsunami sites.  So we thought we would prepare a bit early and see how things have progressed in the past year.  We found that some things (right here in Ishinomaki) have gotten better but there are still a lot of reminders of the tsunami like this school which is three stories tall but the tsunami got all of it:

And this cemetery in front of it at first glance didn't look so bad but when we got right up to it, wasn't in such good shape either:

And the huge piles of demolished cars are a little smaller now but still there:

Afterwards, we decided to try a Chinese restaurant that we went to a year or so ago with some friends.  It as pretty cheap (less than $7):

And I think Calvin thought it was okay:

You got your choice of an A or B lunch special and I chose the A and Calvin the B.  Mine ended up being about 90% bean sprouts and lots of liver which is not my favorite and it was pretty greasy.  I think I am a lot more picky when it comes to eating than Calvin is!

1000 Cranes

On Tuesday I was thinking that it would be nice if we could just relax since I had been nursing a cough (which is much better, thank you).  But no, the phone rang and we were asked if we could help fold some origami cranes.  One of our members has cancer and they wanted to make 1000 cranes for him.  For those of you unfamiliar with this tradition, you make 1000 origami paper cranes and string them together and it is supposed to give the receiver good health and/or happiness.  We have seen dozens of these around that people have made for the tsunami victims. 

Anyway, we (the two of us) ended up at the Church for 8 hours making cranes:

I loved the origami paper.  They were different colors with cranes on the paper:

And after 8 hours, we had finished 300 cranes:

They are pretty small.  And today after Church we stayed and helped string them (no photo) with some other members.  It actually turned out to be a great project.  We know the man with cancer quite well and hope things turn out good for him.

Taikanso--what more can we say?!

Our friends the Kikuchis invited us to go out to eat with them one night.  We went to the Taikanso which overlooks Matsushima Bay:

Even though it was a little hazy, it is always wonderful.  And the food is to die for!  I decided this time I would take pictures of ALL the courses:

This is a French restaurant!  Well, kind of French-Japanese I guess.  The appetizer is mostly fish/shrimp:

Next, cream of pumpkin soup and rolls (both so wonderful!):

Then a plate of fish (those little dots are actually sauces to dip your fish into):

The main course (steak).  Who knew that "medium" and "well" were Japanese words?!:

And, not just one dessert, but several small tidbits (crème brulee, fresh fruit, ice cream, and a mousse):

Thank you Haruyoshi and Takie!:

Soap Activity

Another day we had an activity at the Church decorating bars of soap.  It was fun although I think we did this years ago at home.  But I can see that it is something the Japanese think is so fun:

And the finished product:

We will miss doing these little projects when we leave.  It seems that life in the U.S. is so much faster and we don't always slow down to enjoy life.

Rainy Season Here Soon?

This is a picture of Calvin washing the car in the rain:

His idea was that it saved money not going to the car wash.  Sometimes we think differently.  My impression was he was a little OCD about keeping the car clean during rainy season!

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  1. Ha ha! I noticed the student driver marker on Calvin's car!