Sunday, June 16, 2013


So maybe tourist season has arrived!  At least for us, some of our family have arrived and others are coming in the near future.  It will be a pretty busy time for us as you will see!

Making Sushi

But before company, I must show you something I have been wanting to learn for some time.  I learned to make a fancy sushi that was so fun!  And after trying this it makes me realize that there are other things I could do to create some different kinds of sushi.  Our friend Taeko volunteered to show some of us how to make this sushi:

You begin with the sushi mats, some nori (seaweed) and some sushi rice.  And then you roll up a cucumber into it. This is our friend and an English teacher here in Japan rolling up her cucumber:

Then you make another roll around the cucumber roll and do some cutting:

Roll again, add some egg in the middle, and voila, here is the finished product:

Pretty impressive I might say!

Sports Day/ P-day

For p-day our zone had a sports day.  The zone leaders were quite creative in making it a fun event.  Some of the events were golf, dodge ball, and jump rope:

But you know you are old when you could never compete for this one:

It was a race to see who could TEXT the mission purpose to the zone leaders the fastest!

Kelly and Emily Arrive!

So Kelly and Emily arrived this week!  We met up with them in Sendai on Friday and had dinner at an INDIAN restaurant.  How apropos right?  Eat at an Indian restaurant the first thing when you arrive in Japan?!  Well it did turn out good.  And just for the record, it was the THIRD time we had eaten Indian food in the past week!:

On Saturday we headed out early for Akiu Falls.  It was a little drizzly but once we got there, the rain stopped and we had a great time seeing the falls:

In defense of our hairstyles, it was so humid and misty that my hair was just a flat blob and Emily's was kind of frizzy!

And this shot was just before Kelly took off his shoes and waded in:

It is a nice hike to the falls (not too strenuous) and then at the top where we parked they have some little stalls with food and other things for sale.  (Like they had some jars with snakes in them!)  And we sampled something new:  teriyaki grasshoppers!

Yes, we all tried them and they weren't bad.  They were actually chewy and not crunchy.  Calvin said he heard that they boil them and then put them in teriyaki sauce.  So I bought a container of them for the rest of the grandchildren to try!

On to the Rakuten Game!

From there we went to a Rakuten Eagles baseball game in Sendai! 

The weather ended up holding out (only a few sprinkles) and was a fun game to watch.  We were up pretty high but the seats were not bad.  AND we were seated right below the mascot:

Yup, this guy swooped down on cue before the game to the playing field.  And we were about 20 feet away from him!  During  the seventh inning stretch, we Rakuten fans unleashed these red balloons:

And then when we won the game (2-1) they let go of these white balloons in celebration:

And at the Sendai Station I have to admit I had to take a picture of these cherries:

I REALLY try to restrain myself when it comes to food prices (not to complain or show shock) but when I saw these cherries which cost $60 for TWO POUNDS I had to take a picture!  (The ones on the right are $60 since they are the large size; the ones on the left are $50 since they are the mediums.)


We had a busy Sunday as usual.  Church and also tonight we had a dinner in honor of two guys who have recently moved in.  They are really fun and lived in Provo for a while so they are fluent in English.  We ate fajitas!  The rest of the week we are off to more adventures so stay tuned for more next week and Happy Father's Day to all you dads!

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