Monday, October 24, 2011



Over the past few months we have had several questions about our mission asked of us.  Here a few of the questions and answers (to the best of our ability) for you:

1.  Where are you going on your mission?
Answer:  Sendai, Japan (site of the earthquake and tsunami)

2.  When do you leave?
Answer:  We leave on Monday, January 2, 2012 and spend 5 days at the Mission Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah.  We will come back to our home for 2 days and then leave for Japan on Monday, January 9, 2012.

3.  How long will you be gone? 
Answer:  18 months

4.  How much does this cost?
Answer:  The Church gets us a furnished apartment with utilities and then we reimburse the Church up to $1400.  That means that if the cost of the apartment and utilities is more than $1400 we only reimburse $1400.  If the cost is less, we pay the lesser amount.  We then have to pay our own food, other living expenses, car rental ($150 per month) and gas.  The bottom line is that in Japan we will probably be paying the $1400 plus other expenses and the total would be around $2200 a month.   Other missions may be quite a bit less expensive since the apartments may only be $300-$500.  Our airfare to and from Japan is also paid by the Church.

5.  What has compelled you to do this?
Answer:  We have always thought about doing this.  The need is great in strengthening the Church throughout the world and we also expect to do service, especially in the relief effort of the earthquake and tsunami.  Also the President and Prophet of our Church has urged older retired couples to serve missions along with younger missionaries.
6.  How will you keep in touch with your family? 
Answer:  We will be taking our laptop and using Skype, email, facebook, etc.  The rules for older missionaries is much more lenient than for the younger missionaries.  We have had children and grandchildren  in foreign countries before. Now we will be the ones in a foreign land!  In case of an emergency (serious illness, death or even a wedding) we can get temporary leave of absence but we would have to pay our own airfare.

7.  Is someone going to be living in your house in Utah?
Answer:  Our youngest daughter Bethany and her husband and children are planning on living in our home beginning the summerof 2012.  We also have three other daughters and their families living in the SLC area and wonderful neighbors to help keep an eye on things.
8. Now that you know where you are going, how do you feel about going?
Answer:  We have probably felt every emotion there is (excited, scared, worried, hopeful, etc) but mostly we now feel a great sense of peace at being able to go do this great work.