Sunday, March 10, 2013


So, yes, McDonald's Idaho Burger made it to Japan!  I'm not sure you all have it back in the states but here it is:

If you can't tell from the photo, it looks like it features a couple of pieces of bacon, cheese, onions and a couple of different sauces -- and oh -- a leftover potato pattie from their breakfast menu.  OKAY . . . so I am not a big McDonald's hamburger fan.  Our friend Marie did say she had one and loved it . . . but then again she might be biased the other way:  her fiance goes to BYU Idaho!

More Food

I guess I could have said more burgers because we went to Big Boy for dinner one night.  One of our members, Brother Matsuyama, insisted he was treating the missionaries.  Anyway, you might remember JB's Big Boy if you are as old as I am.  Japan's version is NO WHERE near that.  They have hamburgers -- technically correct.  They are hamburger PATTIES with no bun.  And I was telling some of our kids that what you see is what you get around here.  The menus around here usually feature photos.  If you order something that looks like three SMALL FRENCH FRIES on the side . . . .  This is what Calvin got:

It was chicken (always with the skin on) and some radish sauce on top and another sauce to dip the chicken into and THREE SMALL FRENCH FRIES!  But don't fear.  We didn't go hungry.  It comes with an all-you-can eat salad bar which also features soup, rice, curry, fruit and some puddings and jello.  Here we are (for those who need a visual reminder of this place):

Traffic Control/Flag Men

I have been wanting to tell you about the flag men (and women) around here.  They are EVERYWHERE!  Even when someone is building a house, there is someone directing the traffic in front of the construction site.  And of course, when there is any street construction there are multiple flag men.  And it goes on and on and on.  Honestly, there have been some days that we have probably seen 25 or 30 flag men at different places.  AND they all seem to love their job.  They wave their batons with such commanding vigor and, of course, bow as you pass by:


This week in our children's English class we made terrariums and I have to give myself a pat on the back because the kids liked doing them:


We made them out of plastic water bottles, rocks, soil, plants, seeds and figurines.  The sisters have been coming and helping out so it makes my job a lot easier!

Easter Activity

Even though Easter isn't until the last day of the month, all of the Saturdays were taken up this month except this past Saturday so that is when we had our Primary Easter activity. 

Last year I had Becca buy me some Easter egg dye kits and send them to me so I would have them for this year and I have to admit it was genius on my part because it turned out to be a great activity.  The really fun thing was that neither children nor parents nor Primary leaders had EVER dyed eggs before!  They were AMAZED!:

Some of the finished products:

And the all important group photo:

And we decorated Easter cookies and the kids are so cute:

Sunday Dinner

And just as I was about to cook dinner, we got a call that the sisters and a couple of other families were making dinner at the Church tonight!  So we shuffled on down and ate royally:

We ate Hiroshima okonomiyake, yaki soba, yaki meshi, and I made some deviled eggs (which they loved and had never had) with the leftover Easter eggs.  (Translation:  vegetable pancake, pan fried noodles and fried rice).

Oh and we had this interesting thing that someone had given to the branch president's wife.  It looked like jello with fruit in it.  I was volunteered to taste it.  The branch president's wife asked me, "so what does it taste like?" and I thought for a moment since my Japanese struggles.  I said, "Aji wa
nai."  (Translation:  It doesn't have any taste.)  She looked at me kind of funny and asked someone else to taste it . . . with the same results.  It wasn't bad . . .just like eating jello with no taste.

Random Photos

Our conference photo with the General Authorities:

And the sisters having a lot of fun:

Oh, and the best thing about this week:  we got to skype Tyson and Bethany's newest little one -- Molly's baby blessing!  It was great to be part of the blessing and to talk to a lot of people there.  May your week be filled with great blessings too!

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