Monday, January 23, 2012


Whoa!  So it seems like we've been here forever but it's only been two weeks!  That is actually not a bad thing because I think I'm actually pretty used to the routine (or lack or one) that we find ourselves in.  (Sorry English majors for ending that last sentence in a preposition.)
We really don't have much of a routine since we find ourselves in the position of being new missionaries in this area.  There haven't been any missionaries here since the tsunami nine months ago.  And so we have been setting up the apartment and trying to figure out what we can do.  Of course, the culture shock and the fact that we have no idea where we are going most of the time doesn't help.

But little by little we are setting up shop and finding out things that we should and want to do like:  (1) we are teaching an English class to whoever wants to come on Wednesday evenings; (2) we are getting to know the members of the branch and are planning on visiting several of them soon; (3) we are trying to find someplace where we can volunteer -- in March the Church's Helping Hands program will resume to help the tsunami victims but we want to do something before then, and (4) our apartment is pretty much in working order (and that is saying a lot!)

Last week I mentioned some things about Japan but I left out one that I think is noteworthy.  The Japanese people are so honest!  You may have heard of the millions of dollars turned in by ordinary people after the tsunami that they found.  Well, get this: We pay $150 per month for the use of our car.  The missionary couple at the mission home told us, "Just put the cash in one of these envelopes and send it to us!"  Yes, you can send cash in the mail.  PLUS  there are a few coins when the $150 is converted into yen so we are tape them to a piece of paper and put that in the envelope as well!  AND these envelopes are quite thin and see through (we were told that we could put the money in the envelope with a piece of paper around the money).  Wow these people are so honest!  You can even tell when you go into a store or business.  They make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Last week my post was a little long so I am going to cut this a little shorter.  May I just mention:  WE HAVE INTERNET ACCESS NOW!  And I was reminded of earthquakes while I was writing this since we just felt one.  They are actually not that unsettling, no pun intended,  but one day I counted 5 in a 24 hour span!  Have a great week.  We are.


  1. Sounds like you are settling in. I am sure you guys are great

  2. Love your posts. Wow, what an inspiration!

  3. Sorry about that last "anonymous" post. This is your cousin Patti. I'm new at posting comments and didn't know how to post my name yet.