Monday, December 19, 2011


On March 11, 2011 there was a 9.0 earthquake centered in Sendai, Japan which is our mission area.  After the earthquake there was a tsunami which was actually more devastating.  As a sidenote, when the earthquake struck, my mother and daughter-in-law were traveling to Japan and were about one hour from landing in Tokyo.  Because of this, we were following the events very carefully and trying to find out where they were.  We were watching the cable news stations and basically saw the tsunami as it happened.  My mother and daughter-in-law ended up being diverted to northern Japan and were fine, although they returned to the states earlier than expected because there was so much turmoil in Japan.

This touching video shows the destruction and aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.  When we go to Japan in three weeks we will be in Ishinomaki, about 35 miles north of Sendai.  Ishinomaki is one of the main areas focused on in this video.

Arigato from Japan Earthquake Victims


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  1. Hi Elder and Sister Sakamoto:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the video.
    I look forward to seeing your updates as you wade into your mission and the community.
    Have a safe trip.
    Colleen Caldwell